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How does software estimation work?

Today I want to share with you the way in which software development companies estimate the prices for their projects. It's the very process we're using here, at Appify WP, and it's the process used by several other companies in the industry.

But what is an estimate, in the first place? In the software development world, an estimate is an approximate calculation of the value of a software project, which doesn't exist yet. Here's a real-life estimation: we need approximately two months to develop a fully customizable CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) for your company, and it will cost you about $50,000.

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How to design a project that offers a great UX

People used to focus on creating and using projects that had a nice user interface (UI) only a few years ago. Websites such as usability.gov have even created guides that teach user interface design basics. Programmers used to work with talented graphics designers, who were creating series of great looking images/virtual pages and design elements, making sure that they are pleasing to the eye and incorporate all the needed functionality. In fact, many teams continue to follow this apparently correct, and yet outdated methodology even today!

However, modern software development teams focus on designing projects that provide a great user experience (UX), rather than building nice looking user interfaces, which may be pleasing to the eye, but aren't intuitive. Itís a methodology which focuses on making the users have a great experience while interacting with your software application.

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How to have control over your software development project

At Appify WP, we have dozens of years of experience as software developers. We have seen hundreds of projects being completed and becoming profitable, and hundreds of projects which have failed to achieve their purpose. Data Alliance has published a study that highlights the top factors which make software projects fail.

Sometimes the blame is on the software development team. But most times, people who hire developers fail to specify exactly what they need, or change their minds during the process several times. Every now and then, we may work with a person who didn't have the time to check the early prototypes we've sent, okayed them, and then, later on, when he actually took the time to review the project, it was too late, so it costed money to modify it.

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